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    Empowering a clean-energy future We’ve got the stuff to carry the juice

    To serve and deliver consistently to our customers magnet wire products of the highest quality with on time deliveries and a reliable service

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    We don’t mess around Our team delivers the goods every time

    High performance magnet wire products for high demanding applications

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    Our wires carry the power Wherever you want

    Proven performance for Power generation

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    We are into renewable and sustainable stuff Looking into the future

    Our magnet wires becomes the right choice when it comes to sustainable energy solutions

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  • We are wired like no one else

    Our speciality Hydroelectricity

    At Coppex, we are perfectly synchronized to ensure consistent power quality

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Our manufacturing process usually takes 10 working days or less from reception of a purchase order.

First step: Extrusion

Through conform extrusion process, we produce the requested amount of wire ordered by the customer. If the end product calls for the wire to be insulated, the bare wire will follow the second step.

Second step: Insulation

We have the capabilities to insulate wires with Nomex, Paper, and Polyester Fiber glass.


We design and manufacture custom tooling to meet our customer’s dimensional requirements.